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    What Signs Tell You An Epoxy Floor Is Having Problems?

    One of the biggest reasons people end up having issues with epoxy flooring is based on bad application. Of course, normal wear and tear can also occur, and that is going to happen over the years. What should you be on the lookout for? You want to know the warning signs that your epoxy floor needs some attention, and I’m here to give you some tips concerning what can happen.

    First, did you know that there can actually be moisture that builds up under the epoxy coating? You have to be mindful of the temperature and of any moisture that might be building up underneath the concrete. One thing to watch out for is if you see the epoxy actually separating itself from the concrete.

    When applying the epoxy coating, you also have to be absolutely sure that the concrete is dry. Otherwise, the aforementioned issues can arise in regards to bad application as talked about previously. There are also many factors that can contribute to another issue, which is peeling of the epoxy coating. You don’t want that to happen, and it is unfortunately common, again due to bad application.


    It has much to do with temperature and the preparation of the coating itself. What you also don’t want to see when you look at your floor is an inconsistent color. This can be caused by the epoxy coating not being mixed correctly. Yet there can be other causes as well, like an oil stains on the concrete prior to application.

    The concrete has to be prepared, and the epoxy must be prepared correctly. You also don’t want to run out of epoxy. And you don’t want any air bubbles beneath the epoxy. At this point, you’re seeing that it can indeed be a complex job, perhaps better left to the professionals. There are just so many factors that can cause problems with an epoxy coating that isn’t applied properly.

    To prevent many of these problems from happening, it’s mostly about application. Yet it is also about proper cleaning and maintenance. It is easy to look at a new epoxy floor and say it’s a job well done, but problems can soon start to show if the coating isn’t applied properly. If you are having second thoughts about applying the epoxy, then perhaps it’s a good idea to count on the professionals to get the job done for you.

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    Uses Of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy floorsCommercial epoxy flooring has gained popularity these days in a wide variety of applications. They are used in many industries due to its strength and also its low cost when compared to the other types of floors. So what are its uses? We will find that out below.

    Warehouse Floors.

    Epoxy coatings are excellent for any warehouse flooring. Warehouses have heavy traffic that comes from equipment being used such as forklifts and vehicle. Coating these floors with epoxy will be an excellent way to protect the concrete from wearing out or also pitting. It makes it easier to clean hence perfect for industries. To lessen the danger of workers falling or slipping, a non-slip traction layer can be added to the epoxy.

    Aircraft Hangers.

    The best thing about epoxy coatings is that they are chemical resistant and even repel them causing the fuel spills and chemicals to float instead of seeping into the floor. Traditional concrete floors absorb chemicals making it difficult to remove them without messing up the surface. Using epoxy resin to coat the floors of aircraft hangers makes it easier to clean. The coating is also resistant to heat and can handle the tires of the aircraft when hot.

    Pharmaceutical Epoxy Flooring.

    For pharmaceutical and laboratory use, epoxy coatings make excellent surfaces. They are anti-microbial which is perfect for these facilities. They also create a surface that is seamless and resists dust, bacteria, and dirt. For the harsh conditions in the laboratory, this is a perfect match due to its waterproof nature and high chemical resistance.

    Showroom Floors.

    Epoxy floors are very versatile. They are durable and also very stylish. They have different colors and styles that you can choose from to achieve the design that you want. This quality makes it ideal for showrooms. A car dealership will prefer to show off their mind-blowing cars while having a stylish epoxy flooring that the customers will fall in love with.

    Epoxy flooring has many other uses such as in military use and also healthcare. Their durability, waterproof nature and versatility are one of the few reasons that they are gaining a lot of popularity these days. They can be used for commercial and also residential applications. Having the right person to install it may be a daunting task, but once you find the perfect fit, you will love the new floors. No one will miss to notice it.