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    First Post – Welcome

    Welcome to our first post and our blog. We’re a little bit nerdy and love discussing marketing and the internet and how the internet has shaped marketing methods up to 2018.

    The internet has created Web Marketers all over the world and in this day and age there are many techniques, methods, strategies, etc. that Web Marketers use to sell many different things.

    Our 123 Web Marketers blog was created to give us a platform to post pretty much anything and everything that we find interesting about web marketing, especially in terms of web marketing for local businesses.

    Web marketing has become so important for local businesses (and for all types of businesses for that matter). Just like the internet has transformed our lives and the way we communicate, it has also meant many changes for businesses and how they market themselves. It wasn’t too long ago that if a local business wanted to be found, it was mandatory that they have an ad in their local Yellow Pages directory. Now I would imagine so many young local business owners have probably never seen such a book.

    Conversely, there would be a generation of older business owners out there that still advertise in the Yellow Pages and dare not venture into this new world wide web thing. Unfortunately, for those without the understanding of the WWW, they are missing out big time on the electronic version of the Yellow Pages.

    The other unfortunate issue affecting small and local businesses is the fact that you will need to impress Google with your website in order for anyone to find you. Which could mean that the success of your business lies with Google and their algorithms. In other words, largely out of your hands. You can however, pay web marketers to market your website and increase your chances of being found in Google.

    More on marketing for local business to come in coming posts. We’ll devote entire posts to more specific topics related to marketing local businesses.

    We are also a couple of home improvements buffs so you may find some posts about home improvements sneaking in as well as our marketing posts.

    We plan to keep this site updated as frequently as possible so as to cover as many topics as we can. If there is something you’d like to see us create a post on, please reach out and we’ll take a look at your suggestion.