About Us

123 Web Marketer has been created to give us somewhere to openly discuss our views, opinions and perspectives on Web Marketing in today’s world with a focus on the impact it has on local business, and most importantly, small local business.

In the current marketing environment, an online presence is pretty much assumed as a necessity by most. However unfortunately just creating a website for your local business is usually not enough – it generally requires a decent amount of marketing to get that website to appear somewhere in the search engine results that is relevant.

Luckily, there are some clever marketing methods to help the local business get found by their customers. In addition, there are some outstanding marketing companies helping small and local business market their business such as Local Lead Marketing, an Australian based marketing firm.

We welcome feedback on our content, and are happy for you to comment, criticise (constructively), or make suggestions on future content. Just use the form on the Contact page to send us an email.