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    Is It Time To Clean Your Roof

    Many people simply aren’t aware of the fact that their roof needs to be cleaned. The frequency of the need to do this cleaning will depend on a number of factors, including the climate in your region and what environment your home is situated. For example, if you live in a wooded area, then you will likely need to clean your roof more frequently. Also, if you live in a humid environment, or a place that experiences a great deal of rain through the year, then extra attention will need to be paid to your roof.

    To start, you need to know how to identify the need to have your roof cleaned. The biggest sign of this is that there are areas of discoloration on your roof. This could be a sign that their is mold or moss growth, which can result from excess moisture and humidity. When this is left unaddressed for too long it can cause major damage to your shingles and worse. Taking the time to check the state of your roof at least once a month is ideal to ensure that something doesn’t get noticed for too long.

    If you do find that there are areas that appear to be discolored, it is rather easy to address it. To begin you will want to use a pressure washer to remove as much of the dirt and debris as is possible. Start at the top and work your way do so that it all flows easily into the gutters. You then simply need to create a cleaning solution with soap, bleach and water. You can then spray this onto your roof using a garden sprayer. The best method is to aim for the top of your roof if it is sloped and allow the mixture to flow down the roof naturally. The bleach component will kill the mold, mildew and moss that is present. It is ideal to do this on a cooler, cloudy day so that the solution does not evaporate too quickly. While you do not want the water to remain for an extended period of time, it does need some time to go to work.

    After using the solution you will want to check your roof again in a few days to be sure that all of the mold and moss is no longer present. If it is, then you will want to repeat the steps above. Remember that this is necessary to extend the life of your roof and will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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    What Signs Tell You An Epoxy Floor Is Having Problems?

    One of the biggest reasons people end up having issues with epoxy flooring is based on bad application. Of course, normal wear and tear can also occur, and that is going to happen over the years. What should you be on the lookout for? You want to know the warning signs that your epoxy floor needs some attention, and I’m here to give you some tips concerning what can happen.

    First, did you know that there can actually be moisture that builds up under the epoxy coating? You have to be mindful of the temperature and of any moisture that might be building up underneath the concrete. One thing to watch out for is if you see the epoxy actually separating itself from the concrete.

    When applying the epoxy coating, you also have to be absolutely sure that the concrete is dry. Otherwise, the aforementioned issues can arise in regards to bad application as talked about previously. There are also many factors that can contribute to another issue, which is peeling of the epoxy coating. You don’t want that to happen, and it is unfortunately common, again due to bad application.


    It has much to do with temperature and the preparation of the coating itself. What you also don’t want to see when you look at your floor is an inconsistent color. This can be caused by the epoxy coating not being mixed correctly. Yet there can be other causes as well, like an oil stains on the concrete prior to application.

    The concrete has to be prepared, and the epoxy must be prepared correctly. You also don’t want to run out of epoxy. And you don’t want any air bubbles beneath the epoxy. At this point, you’re seeing that it can indeed be a complex job, perhaps better left to the professionals. There are just so many factors that can cause problems with an epoxy coating that isn’t applied properly.

    To prevent many of these problems from happening, it’s mostly about application. Yet it is also about proper cleaning and maintenance. It is easy to look at a new epoxy floor and say it’s a job well done, but problems can soon start to show if the coating isn’t applied properly. If you are having second thoughts about applying the epoxy, then perhaps it’s a good idea to count on the professionals to get the job done for you.

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    3 Common Problems With Slate Roofs You Should Know About

    common problems with slate roofs1When it comes to slate roofs, you need to be aware of some of the most common problems. If you’re considering having a slate roof installed, whether for your home or business, then make sure you read this article. We’re going to discuss three common problems with slate roofs that you should know about.

    1. Extremely Fragile
    One of the most common problems with slate roofs is their durability. They are not that durable and can easily crack or break in two. This is one of the reasons many roofers don’t install slate roofing.

    In particularly, slate roof tiles can easily crack when they are stepped on, which makes it difficult to repair only a tile or two. Not only that, but if you live in an area where hail is common in the winter or winds blow around heavy pieces of debris, then your slate roof is at a great risk of becoming damaged. If you want a durable roof, then slate shouldn’t be your first choice.

    2. Too Heavy For A Home
    Another common problem with slate roofs is their weight, as they are very heavy and can easily damage the structure of a home or certain parts oif the home. If a slate roof is installed and additional support isn’t added to the existing structure, then eventually problems might occur. For example, as time goes by, certain structures of the home might become damaged or fail, which means you’ll have to spend a lot of money on replacing it.

    3. Prone To Rust & Fading
    Asides from being fragile, slate roof tiles tend to be prone to rusting and fading. Sure, slate comes in various colors and can make any home or building look aesthetically appealing, but once the color fades or rust, then that appeal won’t be there anymore. When your slate roof fades or rust, then you’ll have to decide whether to have a professional reinstall the affected tiles or if they are able to paint over them. If they become extremely rusted, then replacing them might be the best option.

    Those are only a few problems with slate roofs. If you decide to have slate installed, make sure you hire a roofer who has plenty of experience with installing, repairing and maintaining slate roofs. By doing this, you can rest assure you will get the most from your roof and will be able to have it fixed when something goes wrong with it.

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    Common Air Conditioning Problems That You May Experience

    common air conditioning problemsAre you currently experiencing problems with your air conditioning system? This could be a problem that you have as a result of an electrical issue. Other problems may involve filters if you have a central HVAC system. There are a multitude of reasons that you may need to have this looked at by a professional. Many of the companies that produce these are creating exceptional items, but over time, they can breakdown very easily. Here are some of the more common air conditioning problems that you may experience, regardless of the type of AC unit that you have at your home.

    Problems With Your Filter

    A common problem that many people have has to do with the filter. They may forget to change the filter at the intake. This is only something that you will deal with if you have a central HVAC system. The intake is this large rectangular area where the filters will be placed. If you are not changing this out every month, especially if you have a HEPA filter system, the airflow is not going to be a strong. You may think that the AC unit is going out, but it’s simply not able to get enough air to blow cold air throughout your household properly.

    Problems With The Thermostat

    This is also another problem that you may experience. For example, you may set the thermostat for 70°. However, whether you are trying to warm it up, or cool down your household, it does not provide you with a temperature that is representative of that number. It could be that the thermostat is no longer functioning. You will need to have that replaced. A professional AC repair company can come in to quickly do that. You may have to wait for a couple days for the part to come in, but the repairs will only take a few minutes.

    These are just some of the many problems that you can have with your AC unit. In most cases, it will require a professional to fix the problem for you. If you are not able to get your house cool, especially during the warm summer months, you will definitely want to contact one of these professionals. They will be able to diagnose what the problem is, and if there are more than one, they can fix any problem that they find. Now that you know what problems can occur, you can find a professional to help you with any and all common air conditioning problems.

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    Uses Of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy floorsCommercial epoxy flooring has gained popularity these days in a wide variety of applications. They are used in many industries due to its strength and also its low cost when compared to the other types of floors. So what are its uses? We will find that out below.

    Warehouse Floors.

    Epoxy coatings are excellent for any warehouse flooring. Warehouses have heavy traffic that comes from equipment being used such as forklifts and vehicle. Coating these floors with epoxy will be an excellent way to protect the concrete from wearing out or also pitting. It makes it easier to clean hence perfect for industries. To lessen the danger of workers falling or slipping, a non-slip traction layer can be added to the epoxy.

    Aircraft Hangers.

    The best thing about epoxy coatings is that they are chemical resistant and even repel them causing the fuel spills and chemicals to float instead of seeping into the floor. Traditional concrete floors absorb chemicals making it difficult to remove them without messing up the surface. Using epoxy resin to coat the floors of aircraft hangers makes it easier to clean. The coating is also resistant to heat and can handle the tires of the aircraft when hot.

    Pharmaceutical Epoxy Flooring.

    For pharmaceutical and laboratory use, epoxy coatings make excellent surfaces. They are anti-microbial which is perfect for these facilities. They also create a surface that is seamless and resists dust, bacteria, and dirt. For the harsh conditions in the laboratory, this is a perfect match due to its waterproof nature and high chemical resistance.

    Showroom Floors.

    Epoxy floors are very versatile. They are durable and also very stylish. They have different colors and styles that you can choose from to achieve the design that you want. This quality makes it ideal for showrooms. A car dealership will prefer to show off their mind-blowing cars while having a stylish epoxy flooring that the customers will fall in love with.

    Epoxy flooring has many other uses such as in military use and also healthcare. Their durability, waterproof nature and versatility are one of the few reasons that they are gaining a lot of popularity these days. They can be used for commercial and also residential applications. Having the right person to install it may be a daunting task, but once you find the perfect fit, you will love the new floors. No one will miss to notice it.

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    How Your Home’s Roof Can Save Money On Your Energy Bill

    how your roof can save you moneyHere are some tips from the Roof Restoration Brisbane team on how your roof can help you lower your home’s energy costs, regardless of the season. Cooling and heating costs account for a large proportion of your total monthly energy bill. Every time that your home’s heating or cooling system is forced to over work, your energy bill takes a huge hit.

    Keeping your home’s indoor temperature constant, by shielding it from the outdoor extremes you can be able to prevent any substantial fluctuations, and with it, keep the AC from drawing too much power.

    Your roof is the first line of defense against outdoor temperature extremes; read on below to find out how it can save money on your energy bill.

    During Hot Weather

    In hot weather, heat from the sun is transferred to the roof surface through radiation. As the roofing material heats up, the heat is then transferred to the attic and then through to your living space. As more heat is transferred through to the living space, the AC is forced to work harder to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

    It is important to note that high temperatures in the attic not only make cooling your home costlier but also damage roof decking and shingles.

    During Cold Weather

    When cold weather sets in, the attic air becomes cold. In the absence of adequate insulation, the cold temperatures are transferred downwards into the living space, pushing your home’s heating to work harder in an attempt to counter the decrease in temperatures.

    Your Options

    For your roof to help you save energy costs, you will need to take deliberate steps towards insulating it. This involves creating thermal barriers designed to keep excess heat out during hot weather, and to prevent unnecessary heat loss during cold weather.

    This can be done in a number of ways including the installation of energy efficient roofs and use of reflective roofing materials for those who intend to have a new roof installed. Reflective roof coatings and proper ventilation or installation of insulation in the attic are worthwhile considerations for those who are not looking to have a new roof installed.

    Before you choose the best course of action when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your home’s roof be sure to carefully go through each option to get an idea of its suitability to your situation.

    You can contact local roofing companies and ask about the best option considering the local climate as well as your specific needs.

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    Different Stairs

    Types of stairs There are many decisions you must make when you build or remodel a space. One important question you must ask yourself is what type of stairs you want or need. Stairs can be a great way to incorporate architectural detail and add interest to your home or business. Here are some popular types of stairs.

    Straight stairs are probably the most common type of stairs. They are a great choice for a residential home or a commercial space. They are both easy to build and easy to go up and down. Straight stairs must be anchored at the top and the bottom.

    Straight stairs do not have to be boring. They can be customized by using different types of treads and risers to make them more interesting. They can also be a great choice for a more minimalist aesthetic. Many types of handrails can be easily incorporated to your straight stair design.

    Another great type of stairs is called an L shaped stair. This type of stair is essentially a straight stair with a bend midway through. Most commonly, the bend I 90 degrees. L shaped stairs have many advantages. They are interesting to look at and some consider them more safe than straight stairs because their landing.

    L shaped stairs do take a bit more planning to construct than straight stairs. They also must be supported at the bend. They can also be easily customized with handrails and support systems that are both pleasing to look at and also fit in with the design of the space.

    A variation of L shaped stairs is called Winder stairs. They differ from L shaped because the landing is triangular shaped. This is a great way to conserve space as they require less room to build.

    U shaped stairs are essentially two flights of stairs that connect by a landing. U shaped stairs are different than straight stairs because they require you to turn 180 degrees instead of just 90.

    U stairs are relatively easy to add into a space. They are simple to build and are also interesting to look at. They are nice because the landing is large enough for people to rest on midway up the stairs.

    These are just a few of the types of stairs to consider. It is definitely worth doing your research on different types of stairs to figure out which type works best for you and your needs.

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    Roof Safety Tips That You Need To Know Before You Get Up There

    Safety while on the roof is very important. While that observation is quite obvious, many people don’t know what’s all important when it comes to roof safety tips. Are you aware of all the rules and guidelines? Let’s take a look at them together, and then if you plan to get on your roof, you can be sure that you’re doing it correctly.

    One of the safety tips that is important is that you need the right shoes for better traction. You don’t want to lose your balanced, and roofs can be slippery at times, too. That being said, the best shoes for traction have soft soles. And to be sure, you never want to work on a slippery roof anyway.

    As well, you want to avoid getting up on your roof when temperatures are hot or cold to the extreme. Remember that roof safety tips are about you staying safe, and they are also about keeping your roof in good shape. You don’t want to damage your roof, and that’s why this last tip is so important as well.

    You also need to know ladder safety tips, like the 3 point contact rule. Stay away from electrical hazards, and be sure that the ladder extends above the roof, 3 feet to be exact. Also, in order to be sure you are safe in terms electricity, use a fiberglass or wooden ladder, not a metal ladder. That sounds obvious now, but you would be surprised what’s not obvious when it’s not on your mind.

    Roof safety tips

    Are you going to be working with a nail gun? It’s important that you observe all the safety rules for nail guns, too. You don’t want to hurt yourself or anyone else. For example, you never want to accidentally point a nail gun at anyone. There is a safety mechanism to nail guns, too, and you want to be sure that it is always working properly. Nail guns should also be cleaned and lubricated at all times, and the air supply should be disconnected when they aren’t in use.

    You also want to handle roofing materials and all the rest of your tools properly, too. Roofing safety isn’t just about getting up on the roof and walking around properly. There is a lot to this type of work as you can see. Prepare to learn more about roofing safety, and then you can get up there if you still want to do so.

    Thank you to Roof Restoration North Brisbane for the great information!

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    Get Familiar With The Types Of Sinks And Basin Out There

    Types of sinks and basinsChecking out the options you have for sinks and basins will help ensure you make the best decision. If you’re planning a complete remodel of a space in your home, it’s easy to skip over some of the options you have. There’s a lot to this type of project, and you want to be patient and take your time.

    With so many options for sinks and basins, you want to be familiar with the style choices, materials and more. Maybe you were thinking about going with a more traditional under-mounted sink. They are definitely common, but what material would you choose? What shape would you go with?

    Think about the space that the sink will occupy. Not only do you need to pick the shape, but you need to think about the size, too. What other features do you want to be made available? There are reasons to go with different types of sinks, and they are all stylish.

    You’ve got a lot of decisions to make. In other words, it’s more than just about choosing the type of sink. If it were only that easy, right? This project is going to be fun though, and you are going to make a good decision as to the type of sink you pick for your space.

    Take it one step at a time. Think about the space in question, and pick a type of sink. Then pick the size and the shape of the sink basin. Next, consider the material, and choose wisely. Some materials hold up longer than others. You may have to make a larger investment, but it can be worth it for sure.

    Once you have answered all of those questions, you’re ready to move on to the next step, which is sink installation. Yet you’re going to have to make sure you get the right contractor to do the work. You’re not planning to install the new sink basin yourself, are you?

    What materials besides stainless steel are people using for kitchen sinks? That is one question you might want the answer to if you’re looking for something a little different. You have all kinds of choices available to you, and you might as well discover what they are. That will help make sure that you get a unique, stylish and functional sink installed. And of course it will be done at a reasonable price as well.

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    What Are The New Types Of Interior Lighting That Are Available?

    What are the new types of interior lighting that are available? There are actually new styles in each category. It helps to get to know what’s out there so that you can see exactly what you might want to buy for your space. Let’s take a look at what’s new in terms of interior lighting in 2018.

    Are you aware of the term ‘ambient lighting?’ What this refers to is general lighting throughout your home, and there are different types. Electrician Geelong says that one popular type in 2018 is track lights or recessed lights. Are you familiar with your options? You can find all different styles, and this type of lighting can especially be great for a kitchen.

    What do you know about pendant lighting? These lights are popular, too, and of course you have chandeliers, which are popular in dining rooms, foyers and other spaces in homes. Have you looked at new wall sconces? As you can see, these types of light fixtures are nothing new, but there are certainly new styles and products on the market.

    Then you have task lighting, which is also necessary in some spaces. Task lighting is more specifically concentrated to certain areas. One example of task lighting is a floor lamp. Naturally, the floor lamp would be plugged into an outlet and not electrically wired. These types of lights can be easier to install, and they can fill in the blanks for a space, making tasking quite easy.

    New types of interior lighting (4)

    What about those lights that go under cabinets? What about vanity lights? These are also examples of task lighting. Another popular type of interior lighting is accent lighting. What types of accent lights do you have in your home? Spot lighting and recessed lighting can come in the form of accent lights.

    If you search interior lighting, you are going to run across many new styles. The lights you find are going to fall into a category that already exists though. New technologies can always be in place, however, as you might remember when LED lighting started to become really popular.

    I’ve been redoing some of the task lighting in my condo. I’ve already gotten rid of one wall sconce lamp that needed to be replaced. I am about to get rid of one more, plus a floor lamp, too. If you are thinking about redoing some of the interior lighting that adorns your space, then you will want to get familiar with the choices you have.